At SDPEBA we believe that Life Insurance should be customized to fit… well, your life! That’s why we offer dozens of life insurance policies offered by an array of A-Rated companies.  We offer two options to get a plan:

Get A Quote Today With Our Self-Service Site: Ethos

Sign up through Ethos, an online service that allows you to generate a quote in minutes! This service is the best way to find coverage specialized to your lifestyle quickly (average approval time is 2-5 days) and without the hassle of a physical exam! These plans are not payroll deducted.

By clicking the button below, you’ll be taken to Ethos, our online Life Insurance platform. Through it you can get a policy as soon as today. Here is why you should sign up for life insurance through Ethos:

  • By Going through Ethos you can choose between Term and Whole Life Insurance
  • Ethos allows you to get a quote instantly for free after taking their questionnaire
  • Since you can decide how detailed you want to be with your health, this tool is great for the healthy and the not-so-healthy
  • Ethos offers a variety of plans with variable limits, scroll down to learn more

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Ethos Coverage Options:

Ethos Whole Life Plans

Guaranteed Issue

  • No health questions
  • Age 45-80
  • $20,0000 limit

Simplified Issue

  • 8 health questions
  • Age 18-70 $100,000 limit
  • Age 71-75 $50,000 limit
  • Age 76-86 $25,000 limit

Simplified Issue Final Expense (Whole Life)

  • 9 health questions
  • Age 18-85
  • $30,000 limit

Ethos Term Plans
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Age 18-69
  • Terms between 10-30 years
  • Policies between $5,000-$2,000,000

Custom Plans, Built For Your Life

Through SDPEBA you’re able to sign up for a life insurance plan that is 100% designed for you by our life insurance specialists. After a conversation with us, we’ll work with 30+ A-Rated companies to find the plan that’s best for you. These plans are often the most cost-effective option, but usually require the most time (average approval time is 4-6 weeks) and often require a physical/medical review. These plans are not payroll deducted.

Schedule a Meeting

  • No coverage limits
  • Age 18-80
  • Individually underwritten
  • Requires a full medical review/physical
  • Rates are lower for healthier individuals when compared to group plans
  • Dozens of options means you’re able to get the exact plan you want
  • Retirees are eligible
  • Term plans available
  • Permanent Plans are available with options for additional riders/cash value