Signing up for benefits can be confusing, but our team is here to help employees with enrollment questions via phone,email, or in person. We hold onsite benefit fairs throughout the City to bring materials and information to the workplace. We also work with the City to process the enrollment data to make sure everyone is properly in the system on their effective date.


Signing up for benefits is just the start, getting the most of them is key. Throughout the year we publish articles on  our website that help educate employees about their benefits and how to use them. We also work to educate people on wellness and encourage them to participate in our Best Health Wellness program.

Case Management

In the event you experience a problem with one of our sponsored benefits, our team will advocate on your behalf to address your issue. We work diligently to make sure the insurance providers are following our contracts and providing the best possible service to our enrollees.


Provider Review

Throughout the year we track questions and issues about our providers and obtain feedback from employees about how well our plans are performing. We then review this information regularly with our providers to identify trends or specific problems. This collaboration allows us to proactively work to make improvements to our benefit programs and the customer service experience throughout the year.

Support Staff

One of the most important things we do at SDPEBA is providing support for the benefits we offer. We handle thousands of calls and emails throughout the year from employees who need assistance with their benefits. It can be a simple call about an ID card, or a complex call about assistance with a referral. Every call is important to us.

24/7 Support

SDPEBA is offers 24/7 Self Support site at https://support.sdpeba.org.  This site is built to allow employees to access information through an automated system outside of our normal office hours of 9AM to 5PM.  The site will be updated regularly with answers to many of the questions asked by employees.  If the answer isn’t there, the site will allow you to submit a question and our team will respond the next business day.