About Us

San Diego Public Employee Benefit Association (SDPEBA), was created to provide benefits to members of groups and associations. By pooling their combined memberships, SDPEBA can access group benefits and provide superior customer service while working to keep costs down.

Currently, Members of AFSCME 127, MEA, REA, RFPA, and SDPOA automatically belong to SDPEBA at no cost. This allows them to purchase benefits through SDPEBA and have the premiums deducted through a pension deduction.

Our Team

SDPEBA works to secure great benefits at the best possible rate, and we take great pride in our customer support as we help employees and retirees year-round.

SDPEBA’s knowledgeable and experienced benefit specialists help year-round with enrollment assistance, administrative services, and most importantly, customer service support for any of the benefits that are offered by SDPEBA. Our dedicated team is here to serve you!