PEBA Talk is a weekly podcast hosted by Will Stover. Every Tuesday we’ll be posting a 10-15 minute podcast in which Will sits down with various experts in fields that relate to your benefits. During the interview, we’ll go over FAQ, important information, enrollment highlights, and general advice.

This Week’s Talk: VSP – How does the VSP 2 Pair Plan Work?

Join Will as he talks with VSP’s Carla Haynal about how to best utilize the VSP 2 Pair plan that SDPEBA offers.

Upcoming Talks

  • Identity Guard – The Ultimate plan’s New Features

On-Demand Talks

Join SDPEBA’s Will Stover and Michael Williams for a quick 3 minute guide to this year’s Virtual Benefits Fair.

Join Will Stover as he talks with Best Health’s Wellness Coordinator, Rachel Heredia about how members can earn money for being healthy.

The pandemic changed the way cyber criminals target their victims. Join SDPEBA’s Will Stover and Aura’s Mega Solomon as they discuss the ways cybercrime has changed and how Identity Guard can help you stay safe.

Join Will Stover and Chris Judy as they discuss how Aflac works when someone gets hurt on the job.

Join Will Stover and Attorney Margaret Herring as they discuss what an estate plan is and how the MetLife Legal plan covers it.

Join Will Stover and Aflac Specialist Chris Judy as they discuss how Aflac works during pregnancy.