SDPEBA Welcomes CSDREA Members!

Since June 2017 CSDREA members have had access to the high-quality benefits, and outstanding member support provided by SDPEBA.

For FY22, SDPEBA continues to offer both Sharp Classic and Sharp Select Non-Medicare option for retirees.  Medicare retirees can add their non-Medicare dependents under Classic or Select.

In addition to the SHARP Health Plans available through SDPEBA, you can also access the following plans for FY22:

* Only available during Open Enrollment.

As a CSDREA member, you can avoid the stress of worrying about due dates, stamps, and envelopes by enjoying the convenience of having your premiums deducted directly from your SDCERS pension check on a post-tax basis.

To learn more or to enroll into these plans, you can either click on the plan listed above, or click on the “Retiree Benefits” dropdown at the top of this page.

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If you have any questions, or need enrollment assistance- please email or call us at (888) 315-8027.

If you are currently enrolled in any SDPEBA plans and need some additional support, please email us at