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Aflac isn’t health insurance.

Let us show you who we really are.

If you’re sick or hurt, Aflac’s cash benefits help pay your expenses. The benefits are paid directly to you, regardless if you miss work or if your health insurance charges you for anything. You can use these benefits to pay for unexpected everyday expenses, utilities, rent, or spend it however you wish. 

UNUM Long Term Care

Did you know the average monthly cost for a semi-private nursing home room in San Diego is $5,640, and a private room costing up to $8000.00? Those individuals who believe they will never need care or assume the government will subsidize the cost of a nursing home may find themselves unprepared for the financial ramifications if they ever do need care.

Many people are turning to long-term care insurance, Long Term Care (LTC) to help pay for these costs and to protect their family assets. Although LTC is one of the most difficult insurances to obtain, we have worked with UNUM to make a cost-efficient group plan available to retirees.

This LTC insurance plan is available to all of your family members, and can even be continued throughout your retirement.