New Hyatt Legal Coverage – Divorce

For FY20, starting 8/1/19, SDPBEA has negotiated with Hyatt Legal to add 20 hours of divorce coverage to the plan. This has been the top requested improvement for the legal plan, and we are excited to announce that it has been added with no additional costs or increases to premium has improved the Hyatt Legal plan by adding 20 hours of divorce coverage starting 8/1/19.

Here are the details of the new coverage:

Divorce, Dissolution and Annulment (Contested and Uncontested) – Twenty Hour Maximum This service is available to the Plan Member only, not to a spouse or dependents, for the first twenty hours of service. This service includes preparing and filing all necessary pleadings, motions and affidavits, drafting settlement agreements, and representation at the hearing or trial, whether the Plan Member is a plaintiff or a defendant. This service does not include disputes that arise after a decree is issued. It is the Plan Member’s responsibility to pay fees beyond the first twenty hours.

For a more information on what the plan covers please view the Hyatt Legal Plan Fact Sheet.

Enrollment in Hyatt is conducted each June. When you sign up you are enrolled for one year and can cancel during the next open enrollment period.

If you are currently enrolled in the Hyatt Legal plan, the plan will automatically roll over into the new benefit year. (No new form is required.)

If you are currently enrolled in the Hyatt Legal Plan and wish to cancel, please download the enrollment form. Please complete the form including your employee ID, name, signature and marking the cancel box on the top. Please fax the form to 888.243.3494.

If you wish to enroll in the Hyatt Legal Plan, please download and complete the enrollment form and fax to SDPEBA at (888) 315-8027.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email SDPEBA at

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