FY20 Hyatt Legal Enrollment Ends 6/30/19

Enrollment for SDPEBA’s Hyatt Legal Plan ends June 30, 2019.  You must submit your enrollment or cancellation by the deadline. 

This plan covers attorney costs for a variety of personal legal matters, including creating and/or maintaining a will or trust. All this for only $10.80 per pay period, or $23.40 per month. For more information on this plan, please view the Hyatt Brochure and the Hyatt Legal Fact Sheet.

Enrollment in Hyatt is conducted each June. When you sign up you are enrolled for one year and can cancel during the next open enrollment period.

If you are currently enrolled in the Hyatt Legal plan, the plan will automatically roll over into the new benefit year. (No new form is required.)

If you are currently enrolled in the Hyatt Legal Plan and wish to cancel, please download the enrollment form. Please complete the form including your employee ID, name, signature and marking the cancel box on the top. Please fax the form to 888.243.3494.

If you wish to enroll in the Hyatt Legal Plan, please download and complete the enrollment form and fax to SDPEBA at (888) 315-8027. NOTE – Retirees can also use the Retiree Enrollment Form.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email SDPEBA at info@sdpeba.org.

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