FY20 Active Open Enrollment Ends 6/28/19

FY20 Open Enrollment is rapidly coming to an end.  The City’s SAP Online Enrollment System will end at 11:59 PM tonight (6/28/19).  If you have not already made your benefit choices, you should do so as soon as possible.  

RISK Management is asking that all questions be submitted by phone or email no later than 4:00 today.  They are experiencing a heavy call volume and recommend getting your questions in as soon as possible. 

SDPEBA staff will be on hand until 5:00 PM today.  We are also experiencing a heavy call volume.  To avoid long waits on the phone we encourage you to leave a call back number.  This will hold your place in line and one of our representatives will then call you.  You can also email them at info@sdpeba.org.

For SDPEBA enrollment and benefit information please visit – https://sdpeba.org/fy20-open-enrollment/

RISK Management Phone – (619) 236-5924

RISM Management Email – Benefits_Admin@sandiego.gov

SDPEBA Phone – (888) 315-8027

SDPEBA  Email – info@sdpeba.org

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